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Tree Planting

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Do you need new trees planted on your property? Give us a call. Tree Service of Harrisburg is dedicated to helping the environment with our tree planting services. New trees will beautify and protect your property. Adding trees to your property also provides privacy and a variety of other benefits. We are available to plant trees for your commercial or residential property. Not sure which trees will be best for your property? Let our team of professional arborists help you choose trees that will be perfect for your property, landscape and budget. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today for more info on our tree planting services.

Benefits of Planting Trees

Planting trees provides many different benefits to a property owner. You’ll be helping the environment while improving the look and aesthetic of your property. Trees will clean and purify the air around your home as well. Properly placed trees can add privacy to your yard. Strategically placed trees will help you cut cooling costs in your home and help you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Your trees will provide ample shade for you and your family to enjoy in your back yard. Trees can help provide protection from soil erosion on your property as well.

Commercial Tree Planting Services

We are available for your commercial tree planting needs. Our team can handle large tree planting projects for retail centers, schools, parks and other large projects. We can help you choose the perfect trees and shrubs that will beautify your property. Planting trees will beautify any property. Add trees to your rental property to encourage future clients to become tenants. Adding trees around your outdoor seating areas can give your customers shade. We offer affordable and fast tree planting services. Give our team a call today.

Residential Tree Planting Services

We are also available for your residential tree planting services. We can plant trees during the construction of your new home or add trees to your existing home. New trees will beautify your property and increase your home’s value. Trees will add privacy to your home and provide ample shade for your friends and family. We can help you choose the perfect trees and shrubs for your home that will match your aesthetic. If you are interested in adding trees to your home, don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a call today.

What Trees are best for my Property?

Not sure what type of trees to plant for your home or business? Let our team help you choose. Different trees provide different benefits to a property owner. Are you looking for inexpensive trees that will provide beauty and shade? Are you worried about raking leaves in the Fall? Consider a tree without leaves. We can examine your soil to determine what tree will grow best in your backyard as well. Feel free to email or call us today if you are interested in planting trees on your property.

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